What makes this training guide different is that it combines the insights and wisdom of psychology, sociology, and politics in a holistic fashion. This approach generates respectful and effective dialogue, reconciliation, and collaborative problem solving. Professor Kevin Clements

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"If you want to make peace with your enemy you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner .”
— Nelson Mandela

Peacebuilding in Divided Communities: Karuna Center’s Approach to Training

Peacebuilding in Divided Communities by Paula GreenClick on the image read this “how-to” manual for Peacebuilders, 130 pages filled with tools and handouts to replicate, stories from the field to inspire, and training designs to learn from. Also included are generative questions on the most crucial topics in our work as peacebuilders, overviews of interventions in war-recovering communities, and additional readings and resources on each topic.

Stirrings of Conscience

In the 1990s, I felt the stirrings of conscience calling me to new action. The particularly dreadful travails of ethnic conflict in the last decade of our past century pulled me out of my comfort zone and toward new thinking about war, with its continual presence in our lives and its tenacious contribution to our collective suffering…..I found myself no longer willing to be a passive witness to the suffering caused by armed conflict and the unbridled misuse of power and privilege.

Karuna Center’s training programs engage courageous members of war-torn communities who step forward to repair and reconstruct what has been lost, or to add what has never been included in the social, political, and economic fabric of their society…The quest for justice is inextricably linked to the search for peace. We firmly believe that there is no sustainable peace when injustice prevails. While dialogue experience builds empathy, our intention is for participants to translate their newfound understandings into societal transformations that foster increased political, economic, and social justice.