Ethiopians building peace
Ethiopians building peace

People who have risked and encountered each other at deep levels, celebrated and grieved together, and experienced a peaceable community, have savored an undreamed-of reality. A vision of the possible has been seen. Paula Green

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In a recently published chapter, I wrote: Understanding our own minds as a cause of suffering and of violence help empower the learner, the learning community and those beyond to recognize how human conflicts arise and how we can endeavor to more skillfully manage our impulses and reactivity. These insights into our behavior help answer the question, articulated by Bosnian group participants, to understand how “we who lived and intermarried together so well could have destroyed each other in armed conflict so thoroughly.”

International Programs for Karuna Center for Peacebuilding:

      • Bosnia: Training of Trainers for Bosnian community leaders
      • Myanmar: Skill-building for inter-religious activists across four faiths
      • Ethiopia: Creating Zones of Peace

International Program for Jerusalem Peacebuilders:

      • Teaching peacebuilding and conflict transformation for Israeli Palestinian and Israeli Jewish English language educators

US Dialogues in an era of polarization:

      • Hands Across the Hills: Bridging bridges, finding common ground MA and KY
      • Bridge4Unity Inter-racial dialogue in MA, SC and KY
      • Muslim and Jewish participants bridging faiths in MA
      • Leverett: Coming Together as a Community
      • Amherst Community Conversations
      • Northampton Community Dialogues

Consulting, Courses, Talks:

      • Amherst College
      • Bakersfield College
      • Institute for Training and Development
      • Training Programs for Dialogue Facilitators
      • Mt Holyoke College
      • Nova University
      • School for International Training
      • Toda Institute, Japan
      • Programs for Community Leaders, Police and Local Government